Exceptional Reporting Services




The preferred method of connection to our file repository is using an FTP Client, such as FileZilla. Compared to a browser, it provides better security, a faster connection, and the ability to upload files (if your credentials are authorized to) as well as view files.

If you do choose this method and specifically FileZilla, the "Quickconnect" automatic connection bar at the top will choose the best SSL security to transmit and receive files over our encrypted channel.

Here is the info needed to connect:

HOST: ftp.exceptionalreporting.com
USERNAME: our staff provided this to you
PASSWORD: our staff provided this to you

You can use the small dropdown arrow to the right of "Quickconnect" to connect at a later time with your last info saved.

NOTE: When you first connect, you will see our 3rd Party Organization Verified SSL Certificate info, so that you know the connection is safe and legitimate. It is "unknown" to your computer, so you need to make it known by clicking OK, *BUT* you should first click the "ALWAYS TRUST CERTIFICATE IN FUTURE SESSIONS" checkbox and then click OK or you will continually get the certificate popup as you browse each folder.


An alternate connection method is provided below. This should only be used if you have compatibility issues with the preferred newer secured method above. It is view/download only, and it does not provide an encrypted channel. If you choose to use the link below, you assume any and all liability or risks inherent in an unsecured connection.

Here is the legacy browser viewer link:

Legacy FTP Connection